BetaGlyph is as a curated list of the books that we have been finding out there, and what they are all about.

We will publish books reviews every now and then, reporting our experience reading the book and what it is all about.

Readers will also go beyond the book and discover more about the author and his/her concepts through videos, podcasts or newsletters.

Join us in this world through the exciting stories and lessons that the world has to offer through books.

We believe the world needs more curiosity.

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BetaGlyph Contributors

Nuno Carneiro is an industrial engineer working in artificial intelligence. Passionate about reading and travelling around the world, Nuno loves books about management, personal development and biographies.
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Henrique Cruz currently works at a tech startup in Berlin, is a curious person who is always up for a challenge. Avid reader and eager to learn more about the world, he loves books just about anything, as long as you can learn something new.

Guest authors

Pedro Justo is a management consultant who collects many random interests including science, art and travelling. Reading is just one among them which he does for the sake of improvement, reflection and desire to connect with people (often imaginary).

Hugo Volz Oliveira is forever a student, trying to learn more about life in general and organizations in particular. Reading books used to be his favorite activity but then internet killed the paper star, not.

Ivan Bielik is a graduate of European studies and currently lives and works in Brno, Czech Republic. He likes to read about self-development and various social areas (politics, philosophy, history...) and is a big fan of Borussia Dortmund. Follow @ivan_bielik

Francisco Alves is an operations management consultant from Porto and he is continuously trying to improve himself. Music and reading are his hobbies and his favourite reads are management and science books.

Murat Yiğen is passionate about improving education to provide equality for all youth. He is a project manager in Turkey for the non-profit organization Yenibirlider and also co-founder of 1 Genç 1 Gelecek ( One Young One Future ).

Bahar Akinci is a supply chain specialist in Istanbul who loves to read on psychology, philosophy and a bit of fiction on the side. Relationships, happiness and various self improvement topics are her latest favorites.

Marios Kiriakidis is an enthusiastic Production Engineering and Management student in Greece with a can-do approach. When it comes to books, he is open to anything that has a lesson to be learned, especially if they show him new perspectives.

Francisco Esteves is a system engineer at Veniam and an aficionado to technology innovation and curious about new startups. Increasing his culture by reading on various areas has been a recent goal of his(and one we salute!).

Bruno Teixeira is a Product Owner from Porto and loves to follow the latest on product management, books, and politics.