From BetaGlyph to the World

Once upon a time mankind started creating symbols to illustrate day to day situations and activities of their daily life. We call it the pre-historical period.

Once those sketches evolved to writing, and man created the alphabet,history was born.

The ability to write sparkled a worldwide revolution of knowledge, enabling civilizations to communicate, keep records and transform themselves into functioning societies.

Writing enabled keeping track of the inflows and outflows of a city’s grain and animal stores. In business,it also allowed people to keep track of inventory, trades, and orders. People were now empowered to express their feelings, and could even write love letters.

And in that era, characters and symbols suddenly became a synonym of wisdom, development, and exclusivity.

Curiosity had just gained a vehicle to start spreading itself into a new world, and characters were the nuts and bolts that kept it running.

Glyphs were an intricate part of this revolution.They are most elemental symbols of a language, like a letter in an alphabet. As such, they are the igniters for expressing ideas, concepts and stories.

Here, we could not think of a better word to describe how fundamental learning is to our lives.

BetaGlyph is as a curated list of the books that we have been finding out there, and what they are all about.

Here, readers will also go beyond the book and discover more about the author and his/her concepts through videos, podcasts or newsletters.

Join us in this world through the exciting stories and lessons that the world has to offer through books.

We believe the world needs more curiosity.

Thank you,